Steven Panitch
The day before we officially opened the cafe, I held a meeting with my entire staff.  We had all been working very hard the past seven days, cleaning, painting, and organizing the cafe and I thought it best to sit everyone down and just chat.  I popped a bottle of champagne, poured a little bit for everyone and we toasted to our upcoming endeavor.  The main topic I wanted to discuss with everyone was my personal formula for success and how we all must contribute to that.  

The SEVEN C's to Success for JARS GARDEN CAFE
1) Customer Service:  smile, be efficient, honest and informative
2) Cleanliness:  always look to clean something, always
3) Consistency: from the food and drinks we prepare to the way we speak
4) Costs: always be mindful of the costs associated with each menu item and avoid unnecessary waste
5) Coffee: we serve coffee, be knowledgeable and helpful to our guests concerning their choices
6) Community: we will support our neighbors an offer discounts to military, students and seniors; we will have a "charity" of the month and be active in local organizations
7) Comic Relief:  humor and laughter is important, business is business but being happy and having fun during the day is essential

And while there are several other "C's" that will lead to success; such as Communication, Compassion, and Courage, this is my unscientific recipe for success.

This list is actually posted on my office door, visible to everyone; even our vendors, delivery personal and friends and family who adventure beyond our service area. 
While we have only been open three months now, each day we learn something new, meet new people and remind ourselves of the SEVEN C's
I am very confident that by following this guide of the SEVEN C's to success; Jars Garden Cafe will flourish.
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