Steven Panitch
For those of you who may not know and are simply curious about how the name JARS came to be, here is the short long story. 

My original idea was to call the cafe My Living Room.  It conveyed a personal and comfortable message, it was short and sounded fun to be able invite people to visit "my living room".   The more I discussed it with family and friends it was quite evident that it did not have the same impact on them that I had hoped.  We even tried to use the variations of The Living Room and Your Living Room but they were also lacking something. 

The cafe had been previously called the Garden Cafe but was nothing like the name indicated.  It was a diner / deli; numerous egg options and grilled sandwiches yet nothing very garden about it at all.  I liked the name and wanted to utilize the concept but needed to personalize it a bit.

So after several sleepless nights, hundreds of adjectives floating around in my brain, making notes on every scrap piece of paper I could find, it finally came to me and J A R S was born. 

These are the initials of the most important people in my life: my daughter Jennifer, my father Alvin, step-mom Rose and the "S" well that is for me,Steve.  It works !  It is personal and meaningful.  It also allows for an interesting theme (mason jar drinking glasses, mini jars for salt and pepper and more). 

So there you have it.  JARS Garden Cafe; and yes we serve fresh fruit and salads from the garden.  A bright new coat of paint, gourmet coffees including latte's, cappuccino's and chai tea; hot, iced or blended (frappe's) and we are ready to serve you. 

That is how JARS became JARS Garden Cafe . . . Come for the coffee, stay for the food.