Steven Panitch
.... then why can't Jars be a door ? 

I know it makes no sense at all - pure nonsense.  But what is not nonsense is the importance of a good cup of coffee and a daily dose of chocolate. 

That is one main reason why I opened Jars Garden Cafe & Coffee Lounge

It was to bring these two simple indulgences together; offered without the pomp and circumstance of a foreign language menu or navigating your way through a line of robotic coffee drinkers.

At JARS we serve delicious coffee in a ceramic mug and every table has free chocolate, unlike other coffee shops that only serve in styrofoam and charge you for everything. 

Our coffee can be served hot, iced or blended; flavored to your taste and whipped cream is always an option.  For your sweet tooth, there is a bowl of hershey's kisses on every table.  We also have fresh brownies, cinnamon rolls and a variety of muffins (mini and mega) to satisfy your sweet tooth.

So if want some place to go that is friendly, fresh, comfortable and affordable should be on your list of bookmarks. 

Our door is always ajar, for you !  
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